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AVDYSH for performances

Band (original music)

AVDYSH band is a harmonious blend of talent and passion. Our ensemble, featuring vocals, piano, double bass, and drums, creates a powerful and immersive experience. We perform original compositions alongside modern interpretations of Ukrainian folk songs, delivering a unique energy that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Duo (original music)

AVDYSH duo recreates an intimate atmosphere, filling the space with enchanting magic. Prepare to feel shivers as Kateryna’s soulful and powerful voice resonates through every note. With the creative and versatile piano accompaniment, each composition comes alive, inviting you to experience every detail and emotion.

Solo (original music and arrangements)

During AVDYSH solo you’ll be seeing our soloist Kateryna Avdysh on the stage. Experience the project’s songs in their purest acoustic form, as they were originally created before being released. Prepare for an emotional evening filled with heartfelt stories and a unique performer-listener dialogue that brings you closer to the music.

Video playlist

"O meu mar" MUSIC VIDEO

The first music video of the project - Portugal

"I get a kick out of you" with orchestra

The performance at Dragão Arena - Porto, Portugal

"Oi khodyt' son" feat. Magali Sare

Barcelona project feat. Magali Sare - Catalan singer, performing Ukrainian folk song - Barcelona, Spain

"Obiymy mene" feat. Salvador Sobral

The performance at Altice (MEO) Arena feat. Salvador Sobral - Portuguese singer, performing in Ukrainian - Lisbon, Portugal

"The time"

The performance/pre release party of the upcoming AVDYSH album - Kyiv, Ukraine