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Kateryna Avdysh – a Ukrainian jazz vocalist, composer, and frontwoman of the AVDYSH project.

She writes music that is close to people’s hearts, infusing her Ukrainian roots into her compositions to create contemporary art that everyone can appreciate.

At only 18 years old, she created her own music project, gathered the best musicians in Kyiv, and performed at the Caribbean Club Concert Hall – one of the biggest jazz venues in Kyiv.

And now Kateryna moved to another country and continues representing her roots on a cultural front, having performances all over Portugal. 

Having experience standing on big stages, this artist doesn’t plan to stop. She is moving toward her dream and soon will be ready to release her debut album.

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“Everyone will find something in my music that they identify with. Jazz is the one planet, where your emotions can run free..."

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Kateryna is a singer who is always ready to experiment and collaborate.

She has performed in many cities in Ukraine like Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Rivne – just to name a few. Also, she performed at concerts in Italy and Poland as a soloist of BigBand. 

Now she is based in Portugal, where she already appeared on major radio stations and Portuguese TV channels, such as Rádio Comercial, Observador, Antena 1, SIC, RTP, etc. 

Starting anew in Portugal, the singer didn’t forget her main goal. Throughout her journey, she takes with her two things close to her – the Ukrainian language and culture. She combines modern jazz music with her roots to create magic. Even if you may not understand some of the lyrics – you will definitely feel the music.

Latest Release


Music & lyrics(en) - Kateryna Avdysh, lyrics(pt) - Charlie Mancini

Live perfomances & collaborations

I get a kick out of you

Gala dos Dragões de Ouro

Vnochy & O meu mar

Gala dos Dragões de Ouro

Viter (Wind)

Author's song, LIVE at Rádio Comercial Ucrânia

Concert +380

Unexpected final Salvador Sobral Kateryna Avdysh Andre Santos

Oi, vershe miy, vershe w/Eddie Mejía

Ukrainian folk song, arranged by Kateryna

OBIYMY with Salvador Sobral

concert Pela Ucrânia com amor, ALTICE Arena

Vnochy (At night)

Author's song

Kolysanka (Lullaby)​

Jazz arrangement of the Ukrainian folk song​