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Now it’s the time for a big fundraising campaign for the debut album of Kateryna Avdysh.

The album has its cultural missions, such as:

– continuing representing Ukrainian language and culture in Europe

– creating bridges between talents, who deserve more attention, since AVDYSH connects creative people in Europe (especially Ukraine and Portugal)

– connecting authentic and modern…

the symbol of rebirth

“Every person has their “sea”. It is something that is hidden in their souls. And nobody will tell you, what it is exactly. It can be love, it can be nature, music, family… – it’s just the wild, huge ocean that lives in our hearts and puts us in motion”.

About project

AVDYSH – a Ukrainian contemporary jazz project, the soloist of which is a young singer Kateryna Avdysh. The main repertoire contains her own music and arrangements of Ukrainian songs. Each composition shows us its special story – own or created and influenced by different personalities.

The main idea of AVDYSH is to pay attention to qualitative modern music, to Ukrainian language, culture and to speak about Ukraine as a strong, independent country.
The main genres of the project are contemporary jazz and fusion. We connect the freedom of jazz music, the depth of Ukrainian motives and the vision of the world in a form of contemporary art.

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My mission

“Our language and culture are full of mysteries, and these mysteries will be transferred as long as the Ukrainian language lives. And only artists can save its life. I’m free as my country is and I’ll not allow to destroy my life or erase my roots.

People, who will be listening to my music, are able to find themselves, feel the supportive hand and leave their doubts in life behind the scenes. 

My songs are about freedom, bravery, strength, but at the same time about our vulnerability, love, acceptance of ourselves and the unfair, but beautiful world we live in.

Jazz is the one planet, where your emotions can run free”.

Interview with a soloist

Kateryna Avdysh writes music that is close to people’s hearts, infusing her Ukrainian roots into her compositions to create contemporary art that everyone can appreciate.

"These songs will find a place in the hearts of those, who get confused in their minds, who find answers, who love and hope, doubt and search the truth...."